My book SHORTER came out in 2020, and in the last two years a lot has happened in the world (no surprise!) and with the global 4-day week movement (a bit more of a surprise).

I thought it would be helpful to bring the story up to date: to explain how the pandemic, the growing recognition that we need to reinvent work, and the realization that we can change work more radically than we ever previously imagined, has affected the 4-day week.

So I’ve just finished and published The Four-Day Week: 2022 Annual Report. It talks about several big trends I’ve seen since the pandemic started, that have taken the movement in new directions; developments in Iceland and the UAE; and other things.

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I’m also trying this year to capture more granular information on when companies announce their trials or adoption of a shorter workweek, and that’ll appear in the newsletter– for as long as I can keep up with the movement, at least!