Alex speaks all over the world about technology and attention, the hidden role of rest in supercharging creative and prolific careers, and how to design a 4-day workweek.

Building on his books THE DISTRACTION ADDICTION and REST, Alex presents the principles of contemplative computing or deliberate rest; takes audiences through the science underlying these practices; and shows how they can be put into practice by individuals and organizations.

For audiences interested in organizational change, Alex can share his latest research— which he describes in his 2020 book SHORTER: WORK BETTER, SMARTER AND LESS– HERE’S HOW, and which continues— on companies around the world that are shortening their working hours without cutting salaries, or sacrificing productivity or profitability, or alienating clients.

In these talks, Alex explains how they redesign their workdays; use shorter hours to rewire their processes, company culture, and the social contract between companies and workers; and why 4-day weeks boost productivity, creativity, and organizational resilience, while giving people better work-life balance.

Talks are interspersed with a variety of exercises and interactive sessions, which illustrate key points, and stimulate listeners’ thinking about how the ideas can be applied in their daily lives.

Keynotes and short workshops are offered in partnership with BrightSight Speakers ( or 609-924-3060).
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