Workshops are designed for companies interested in deciding whether the shorter workweek could work for them, and for companies planning to implement a trial.


Building on the method he outlines in his new book SHORTER, and his interviews with leaders and employees at companies around the world that have successfully transitioned to a shorter workweek, Alex offers a one- or two-day workshop that helps companies prepare for a trial 4-day workweek or 6-hour workday.

In these workshops groups explore the different kinds of shorter hours, including 5-hour workdays, to staggered shifts, to “Free Fridays,” to understand how companies are redesigning their workdays, and what could work for you.

We then run through a series of exercises intended to

  • Identify a toolkit of new practices
  • Review what other companies have done
  • Specify desired outcomes and KPIs
  • Model worst-case scenarios and solutions
  • Begin conversation around organizing working groups and other decision-makers to lead trials

The objective of these workshops is to

  • Come away better informed about the opportunities and risks of shortening the workweek
  • Have a deeper knowledge of how other companies have done it,  and how you can apply their lessons to inform your efforts
  • Have a better understanding across the organization of the benefits and risks of shorter workweeks, and how individuals can contribute to the effort
  • A readiness to move forward with planning and the trial phase

Workshops are offered in partnership with the BrightSight Speakers ( or 609-924-3060). See my profile page for more information.