There are now so many companies starting 4-day week trials or adoptions, it’s necessary for me to start regularly sweeping the news, social media, and LinkedIn for announcements. This is a huge switch from two years ago, when most places would start their trials on the down low, or adopt a shorter week but only tell a few key clients.

Plus, the sheer number of companies is rising, which makes a regular survey more essential.


    • Indiana-based Malomo, a “shipment tracking platform that helps ecommerce brands turn order tracking from a cost center into a profitable marketing channel” took Fridays off in September 2021, and it went so well they decided to start a 6-month trial starting now.
    • Leicester, England audiology company HearFocus is moving its audiologists to a 4-day week.
    • Edinburgh, Scotland brewery Vault City Brewing did a series of trials last year, and has decided to make a 4-day week permanent. So far as I know, this is the first brewery that’s moved to a 4-day week, though some restaurants that do it are seriously into fermentation or other processes.
    • Springworks, an IT company with offices in India and the US, started a 4-day week in December.