Companies that move to a 4-day workweek generally first turn a trial to figure out how to make a 4-day week work. A 90-day trial gives companies a chance to think through scenarios and contingencies; time to test ideas and learn from mistakes; measure the costs and benefits of a shorter workweek; and give companies and workers a clear goal– or a definite end if things don’t work out.

Drawing on research and interviews in SHORTER, as well as his experience working with other organizations, Alex can help you design, implement, and evaluate a trial.

The 90-day trial begins with a keynote and introductory workshop, as described above. In continues with:

  • “Office hours” for companies via email, Skype, or other channel. During these office hours, employees can ask questions, get advice, and hear how other companies have dealt with challenges.
  • Regular (weekly or biweekly) check-ins with leadership team members to discuss challenges, wins and losses, and next steps.
  • A deeper dive into your company’s current working habits and culture, and tools for measuring change over the course of the trial, such as NPS.
  • Concluding workshop to consolidate learning, celebrate the achievement, and lay the groundwork for permanent adoption of a shorter workweek.

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