I was on KQED’s Forum today, talking about the 4-day week. There was quite the all-star lineup: Charlotte Lockhart, Leena Yousefi (whose law firm YLaw is trialing a 4-day week right now), and Wharton professor Peter Cappelli (who’s something of a skeptic that this could become a big thing).

With luck I didn’t sound like a complete idiot, at least all of the time. I must ad mis, the more media appearances I do, the more impressed I am with people who can be poised, on-message, and engaged. It’s a real talent, and while I get better at it, I’m not sure I’ll ever be as good as them.

Then again, for me it’s more about the message and the content, than the delivery. Or so I tell myself.

Link to the podcast version when it’s up. Charlotte’s and Leena’s and Peter’s remarks are all really worth listening to.