One of the highlights of my time in London this spring was getting to meet and talk with Rangan Chatterjee. I don’t think he’s very famous in the States (yet), but in the UK he’s a cross between James Atul Gawande and Jillian Michaels– an MD who is also a bestselling author and healthy living expert.

Podcast with Rangan Chatterjee

It was a broader-than-usual conversation, with us talking about REST (which Rangan had read and liked) as well as SHORTER (which was just about to come out). And it’s now out on the Feel Better Live More podcast.

Podcast with Rangan Chatterjee

I was worried that having recorded this conversation in February it would now seem out of date, but Rangan does a good job connecting it to our current challenges:

At a time when many of us are working in very different ways from normal, Alex’s work seems incredibly prescient. As lockdown slowly lifts and workplaces start to reopen, finding a balance between work, rest and play that promotes productivity and growth alongside employee wellbeing feels like a no-brainer. The same applies to the self-employed and across all industries. Surely this is our window of opportunity to explore what the ‘new normal’ should be? I found this conversation really inspiring and I hope you do too.

I know I never miss an opportunity to post about my latest media appearance, but this is one is definitely worth listening to!