A couple weeks ago I went up to San Francisco to do an interview with Moira Gunn for Tech Nation. It was, incredibly, my third appearance on the show: we first met when I was promoting THE DISTRACTION ADDICTION, then she had me back on to talk about REST.

This time going up to San Francisco was a little different. It wasn’t quite Omega Man-level deserted, but even in the middle of the day, in the busiest part of the city, things were really, really quiet. Looking south toward Market Street, I saw example one car on the street:

San Francisco streets during COVID-19 shelter in place

Of course, these days no conversation about work can happen without talking about The Great Pause (as I’m coming to think of it) and what it means for business and the future of work.

About to do Moira Gunn's Tech Nation

You can listen to the episode on Podomatic here (I didn’t see a way to embed the player).

On a day when everything was so quiet, it was a bit odd to talk about work, but good to think about how the experiences of the companies I’ve been studying could serve as a guide to building a better future.

San Francisco streets during COVID-19 shelter in place

Tech Nation is now recording in a studio that has a tradition of letting guests leave messages on the walls, so at the end I added mine.

Thanks, Moira Gunn!