An essential part of my writing routine: getting up at an uncomfortably early hour to write. After a lifetime of being a night owl, I started this when I was working on THE DISTRACTION ADDICTION, and it’s been a game-changer both for my productivity, and

This afternoon I sent back the final edits to SHORTER (US | UK). At this point, the book has been copyedited and styled, my editor has had her say, and I’ve dealt with all the suggestions, changes, last-minute ideas, insights, etc. that come when you’re trying to get a manuscript back to the copyeditor in time. So the next time I see the manuscript, it’ll basically be the book that hits the shelves. I can change a word here or there, but nothing dramatic. There won’t be time.

Something new that I did this time is create my own illustrations. I’m no artist, so these look very much like they’re drawn on a whiteboard, but I’m hopeful that they’ll add more than they detract!

Now it’s to the Web site and everything else associated with actually getting a book out into the world and getting it noticed.