This week I gave a talk about REST and SHORTER at Silicon Foundry, which described itself as “an innovation advisory platform that partners with select leading global corporations, while also serving as an unbiased resource for the entire startup and investment community.”

For years, companies and government agencies have created innovation centers or outposts in Silicon Valley. The Foundry essentially is like a cowering space for such organizations– rather than have their own offices they have space in SI, which adds other advisory and networking services.

So it was an interesting crowd to talk to about rest and the 4-day week.

At @sifoundry to talk about the #4dayweek
A slide using a picture I took in Bentonville. These things build on each other!

One of the really interesting– and surprisingly challenging– things about these talks is that, now that I’ve got a new book, I talk about REST differently, and am still figuring out how to do that.

In these new talks, REST– and the exploration of the role that deliberate rest plays in the lives of highly creative and prolific people– serves as a scientific foundation / prelude to the new project; and while I have a very well-worked out talk about REST itself, there are different you talk about and emphasize when it’s a stand-alone project, and when it’s a piece of something bigger.

Speaking at Silicon Foundry

It’s not the sort of thing that’s hard to figure out, it just takes some work and practice. It’s a challenge I started working on with the Blake Street event, and will solve soon!

But thanks to the Silicon Foundry for letting me work this out in public.