London-based mobile games company Hutch just announced on their Web site that after participating in the 4 Day Week Global-organized trial for UK companies, they are making their 4-day week permanent. For background, they’ve been in the news a number of times for the trial, as they’re one of the few companies in an industry that’s traditionally famous (or infamous) for brutally long hours and “crunch.”

I was lucky enough to be able to visit their beautiful office in Shoreditch in June, and meet some of the team.

I’m not surprised that they made it work: they had an engaged CEO, a head of people who was really excellent (they’re interviewed here), and a team that wanted to make it work.

Scrutton Street, where Hutch is located, is where another 4-day week company is located, and just a hundred yards away is a third. A curious little concentration, but it makes doing fieldwork easier!

Nothing is more gratifying that seeing the companies that you’ve helped shepherd through the process succeed. The 4-day week is a lot of fun to write about (obviously), but the responsibility that comes with actually working with companies is immense. It’s a lot of work for them; they put a lot of faith in you, and trust that you have a process that will work for them and that you know what you’re doing. And when it succeeds, it’s really really satisfying.