For the last couple months I’ve been working on a project that went live this week: a new campaign to build interest in the 4-day week. It’s now up and running, and we just (as of Thursday morning) passed our first milestone– 2500 signatures on the petition.

The petition is one of two entry-points into the campaign. The other is a pledge that companies can sign up for to trial a 4-day week in 2022; companies that sign up will get access to support and special material from the campaign to help them design their trials. (More on this in the future!)

If you care about creating a better future of work, this is one way you can help make that happen. Signing a petition can feel like a small thing, but get enough people together, and it becomes a significant one.

Besides, the 4-day week is a collective enterprise, not an individual one: it’s coworkers learning how to preserve each other’s attention and time, helping each other be more productive, and creating processes that benefit everyone. So it’s fitting that we’re using tools for mobilizing collective action to build interest in the 4-day week, and get more companies involved.