Amy Porterfield is an ecommerce and online marketing expert, and a real blue-flame thinker about small business: her work helped me see (from my hyper-scale, growth-at-all-costs Silicon Valley perch) that smaller businesses aren’t just big businesses that aren’t successful, but have their own unique challenges and rewards.

Earlier this year, she and her team read SHORTER, thought a lot about how to make it work in her business, and this spring she and her 20+ person team took the leap. Now she has a great podcast episode talking about the company’s 4-day week trial. The episode explains how she sold the idea internally, how they planned for it, what benefits and challenges they’ve encountered so far as a business, and what she and her employees have gained from having another day off per week.

By now, I’ve talked to a couple hundred companies about their experiences, and while there are really valuable things that you learn from looking across a big data-set of companies (I couldn’t have written SHORTER without assembling it), it’s always good to hear these first-person stories, especially from someone as thoughtful as Amy. Go check it out.