Today I joined Adam Olsen and Sonia Furstenau, two British Columbia MLAs (members of the provincial legislative assembly– I think I’ve got that right!) in a conversation about the future of work and the 4-day week:

I’ve heard of a couple different regions or provinces toy with the idea of developing policies to encourage a 4-day week, but no one has yet moved schools, government services, and business all to a 4-day week. But someone’s going to be first!

This was my first Facebook Live conversation, though I was calling in on Zoom so it didn’t really feel any different.

However, my home studio is continuing to evolve and improve, which is good. A couple days ago I set up my teleprompter on a tripod, and figured out how to broadcast from my garage office (mainly because I’ve got a cool bookcase back there, and of course you want a nice bookcase behind you during events!).

I’m experimenting with teleprompter apps for the iPad, but I also wanted to figure out how to bounce a Zoom call off it. The Mac I have in the garage is pretty old, so I can’t Airplay or mirror the conversation; and while I could run a call on the iPad, you can’t connect a webcam to the iPad.

Turns out, the reflective glass on the teleprompter gives a good image of the laptop screen. Not perfect, good enough so you can see the other person and follow along with a conversation without any difficulty.

My office studio setup

I only hope I improve along with my gear!