One of the great pleasures of having written Rest is coming across feedback on Twitter or blogs from readers who’ve enjoyed the book and put it to use in their lives. I’ve posted about some of of these reader reviews (and videos) before. Today, I came across three such mentions, on three continents, and that seemed worth a post.

First, Vineyard Churches communication director Mark Crosby tweets from Wales (or maybe somewhere warmer?):

(I always like seeing the book in the wild!)

Actually, John Wright tweeted nice things about the book too…

…though it kind of looks like the book is about to get chucked in the pool.

Second, Northcote, Australia-based coach Tess Bartlett writes about “How to transform burn out to intentional rest.” As she so elegantly put it, “rest is as important, if not more important, than ticking off all those items on our to-do list,” and she has a number of concrete suggestions for how to make more space for rest in a busy life.

On the other side of the world, in New York, lawyer E. David Smith writes about how reading Rest encouraged him to reset his daily routine to better reflect what really matters to him, without neglecting the practice he founded:

I started leaving the office at 5:15 p.m. instead of 7:30 p.m. I started concentrating on my kids and giving them the attention they really needed. It wasn’t that they’d been neglected before, but it has been incredible seeing them blossom – getting used to having me around more, and knowing they can come to me anytime. That is my number one priority.

None of this has taken a thing away from my clients….

I wish I could tell you how much my life has improved since I’ve started taking these simple steps to refocus.

It all hinges on one simple fact: my business exists to support my family, not to take me away from them.

Of course, I’m grateful for positive reviews of the book, like Nilanjana Roy’s very thoughtful review in the Financial Times and Arianna’s incomparable review in the New York Times; but it’s really gratifying to see people take the book and make it their own.