When I was in London in November, I had a number of interviews with reporters who had agreed to do magazine pieces about REST. The Evening Standard article was the first to come out, and today I saw that the Express‘ Sunday magazine ran “The best ways of resting:”

If someone sighs and tells you they are far too busy to deal with you at the moment, the chances are they are not so much apologising as quietly boasting about their hectic work schedule.

For the modern employee tends to treat overwork as a badge of honour – an attitude that spills over into our social lives, according to Dr Alex Soojung-Kim Pang, who believes this is a big mistake.

“We’re updating and checking Facebook with the same degree of urgency and performance that we have in our working lives,” he warns.

And the result is that we have forgotten the importance of rest and relaxation.

Author Rachel Carlyle did a good job explaining the book. It’s a nice piece!