Episode 299 of the Buddhist Geeks podcast has just gone up. In it, I talk with Vincent Horn about contemplative computing, the illusion of technological determinism, and of course my book The Distraction Addiction:

In this interview with host Vincent Horn, Alex talks about his career as a Technology Forecaster and Futurist, and the problems he has with the idea of Technological Determinism. Alex describes how the daily rigors of his work with technology damaged his mental focus, and how he turned to meditation to regain that focus. By viewing his work through the lens of his meditation practice he was led to new questions and ideas about how to change mankind’s relationship with technology, how to go from being distracted to more focused and mindful, and the real dangers of taking a passive role in our daily relationship with technology.

I’ve been listening to the Buddhist Geeks podcast for a long time, so it’s great to be on the show.