Edward Siegel writes in Forbes about a set of surveys that reveal the extent of burnout in workplaces worldwide:

New surveys underscore an essential reality about today’s workplace and workforce: Burnout is an equal-opportunity international crisis that strikes companies, organizations, and the people who work for, manage or own them.

For businesses, burnout can impact productivity, the bottom line and the ability to make the best and timely decisions when confronted by a disaster, scandal or other emergency.

Here are the highlights:

  1. A global Edelman Data and Intelligence survey for Microsoft “found that almost 50% of employees and 53% of managers said they were burned out at work.”
  2. A McKinsey & Company survey in Asia “found that almost one in three employees… were experiencing symptoms of burnout.”
  3. In the United States, Capital One Insights Center finds that “48% of small business owners said they had experienced burnout in the past month.”

Not terribly surprising, perhaps, but still depressing all the same.