In Stockholm

We're in Stockholm, Sweden for the next couple days. I'm at a conference at the Mobile Life Center, in Kista, which is the high-tech neighborhood of Stockholm. Lots

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My trip to Malmo

Here are pictures from my trip to Malmo, Sweden. We start in the Copenhagen Central Station (wasn't I just here?)  (Update, 10 May 2005: The DSB's online trip planner has train schedules, fares, etc.. It's really excellent.).

Look at that woodwork!

Very impressive stuff

In the interests of keeping the front page of the blog from getting overloaded, I'm moving the rest of the pictures to after the jump.

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Wandering around Aarhus

So this is my evening in Aarhus. It's a beautiful city. If I was single, I'd move here.

The train

I got off the train, found a map of the city, and saw that I could get to the hotel by walking up a pedestrian street. It didn't look like a bad walk, and I figured I could use the exercise.

Let's see, can I find the pedestrian street? Where could it be? Hmmm.....

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