My two-part interview on “7 Skills for the Future”

When I was in London a couple weeks ago, I spent some time with Emma-Sue Prince in Penguin’s podcast studio, talking about the 4-day week.

Me and Emma-Sue Prince

The conversation is now a two-part episode of Emma-Sue’s podcast, 7 Skills for the Future. Part 1 is here, and part 2 of the interview is now available. Emma-Sue has a very complimentary note about the interview:

I love the way Alex talks about this – he has so much proof that this works – not just for individuals but also for organisations. He gives so many examples of organisations that have radically altered how they work by slimming down to 4-day weeks. They still pay employees exactly the same and the effect is the opposite of what you might think: increased productivity, increased mental health and wellbeing, better ideas, better work-life balance and performance.

Here are other podcast and radio appearances.

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