4-day workweek is #1 “emerging perk,” according to sketchily-sourced survey of millennials

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The Global Recruiter reports on the results of a survey by Seatfrog about millennial attitudes to perks.

[T]oday’s young workers are looking for more than just fun or unusual perks to brag about to their friends when starting a new job. While on-site table tennis, a free bar and unlimited snacks has become de rigueur in the war to attract top talent – especially in the technology sector – three in five millennials are dismissing perks as nothing short of a gimmick.

So if foosball tables and a kombucha cart are out, what do they want?

50% list a 4-day workweek as their top “emerging perk.”

Much as I would love to be able to take this at face value and describe it as a Trend Among The Youth, the article doesn’t say anything about the methodology, and Seatfrog is a startup that makes an app that lets you bid on train ticket upgrades, so I’m not sure how this survey connects with their core business and competency.

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So it’s interesting as a straw in the wind, but I’d love to know more about it.

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