Granted, it may seem like a list of “71 of 2016’s Best Books to Make You Successful” can simply list every business book published this year and declare victory, but that’s not quite the case: writer and editor Chauncey Mabe had to sort through a pretty big pile of books to come up with Success Magazine’s list of the year’s best business books.

Luckily, REST made the cut!

A 21st-century contradiction sits at the heart of this book: Overworking yourself or your employees is the wrong way to reach your goals. “Productivity books offer life hacks, advice about how to get more done, or stories about what CEOs or famous writers do,” Alex Soojung-Kim Pang writes. “But they say almost nothing about the role of rest in the lives or careers of creative and productive people.”

Rest is an equal partner to work, argues Pang, visiting scholar at Stanford University and senior consultant at a Silicon Valley think tank. The most creative people of history—from Charles Darwin to Stephen King—knew how to do it. They harness daydreaming to free the unconscious mind to find new ideas. They plan rest into every day. They know that the right kind of rest prolongs creative life. This is a book of deep wisdom and human insight.