“The Value Of Rest As Restorative” on Jefferson Public Radio

I recently spent an hour with Jefferson Public Radio, which serves southern Oregon and northernmost California, talking about “The Value Of Rest As Restorative.”

The deadline is bearing down, and you need to produce something to keep the boss, the spouse, or yourself happy.

So step BACK.


It is counter-intuitive, but Alex Soojung-Kim Pang is not the first person to suggest that you’re more productive when you’re better-rested.

Yesterday while I was doing the NPR Marketplace interview, it struck me that even in the three years since my last book came out, there’s been a change in the availability of radio shows.

Recording an interview for NPR's "Marketplace."

Programs used to be ephemeral: you were on, it broadcast, and then it was in the past. This meant that if you had a terrible show, you could write it off and move on. Today, though, radio shows are like TV or movies: if you miss the first broadcast, you can just wait for the online version.

Which is great in one sense, because it means people can always hear you; but on the other hand, it raises the sakes for every performance.

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