Promoting REST

Investors Business Daily has an article about REST and another new book, Brian Tracy’s Master Your Time, Master Your Life: “Know How To Spend Time, And When To Be Stingy With It.”

And I spent this morning in San Francisco, taping an interview that’ll air on NPR next week.

KQED this morning

It was a lovely morning to be in the city. Traffic wasn’t too bad, so I got there with plenty of time to spare and had some coffee and breakfast before heading to the studio.

Reviewing before my interview

When I was doing interviews in support of The Distraction Addiction, I was struck by how much talking to the media is a specialized skill. Whether it’s a full day of radio interviews, a live one-on-one, or a podcast, it’s actually a challenge to have short answers to expected questions, to be able to nimbly handle unexpected questions, and to stay on point.

Especially if, like me, you come out of a profession where being able to talk at length is seen as a sign of intelligence, keeping it short and to the point is something you’ve got to learn.

I’ve gotten better at it, but like writing, it’s one of those skills that you can spend your whole life refining.

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