“some of history’s most creative… took rest very seriously”

Author and adventurista Janice Holly Booth has an article on AARP’s Life Reimagined Web site that does a fine job of explaining what to do if you “Want to Work Less and Accomplish More?

Pang says that some of history’s most creative people—people whose achievements in art and science and literature are legendary—took rest very seriously. From Winston Churchill to Charles Darwin, they all found that in order to realize their ambitions, they needed rest. The right kind of rest restored their energy while allowing their muse, that mysterious part of your mind that helps drive the creative process, to keep going.

Too often today, that lesson is being lost. “With a few notable exceptions, today’s leaders treat stress and overwork as a badge of honor, brag about how little they sleep and how few vacation days they take,” says Pang. And because leaders work this way, so do their companies. But this is wrong-headed, he maintains. Rest, contrary to American attitudes, gives you more energy and dramatically improves your productivity.

Seriously, the article is a good overview of the whole deliberate rest project.

And this is what she has to say about it on Twitter:

In other news, it’s now less than a month before REST: Why You Get More Done When You Work Less ships. I’ll soon have a couple preorder offers up to encourage people to buy now!

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