If you’re in London, there’s a cool-looking exhibition on rest opening at the end of September at the Mile End Art Pavilion:

Rest & its discontents is a major new exhibition exploring rest and noise, tumult and work, through site-specific installations, artists’ moving image, performance, drawing, poetry, data, sound and music. The show draws on Hubbub, a two-year residency undertaken by fifty international artists, writers, social scientists, broadcasters, humanities researchers, scientists and mental health experts in The Hub at Wellcome Collection in London, and led by Durham University. Their investigations have revolved around the dynamics of rest, stress, exhaustion, cities, sound, noise, work and mind wandering.

The exhibit seems to be the culmination of a project which started a couple years ago (right as I was starting work on the book).

I briefly visited Hubbub on my last research trip to London, and it’s a pretty cool place.