Today I was doing a short podcast interview, and the subject of walking meetings came up. I have a whole chapter in REST about the creative benefits of walking, and several companies in SHORTER adopt walking meetings as a tool for keeping meetings short and to the point.

Just by coincidence (?), I later saw this article in Fast Company about the benefits of doing your Zoom meetings while walking:

If you enjoy taking walks by yourself anyway, you can take a walk not during a meeting. But if walking isn’t your default fun-break, this is a solid way to get some steps in….

And then there’s the fact that dialing in by phone—so you can’t see the other participants—allows you to focus more on the content of the meeting….

There also wasn’t any temptation to do something else while I was on the call. I try to stay off Slack and email when I’m in a Zoom call anyway, but it’s a lot easier to avoid when your phone is in your pocket or by your side.

Zoom fatigue is a real thing– the physical strain of holding yourself in the camera frame, quickly shifting attention between several other people, etc. takes its toll– and so anything that helps provide a restorative boost while also making the meetings themselves more pleasant is a good thing.