Problems keeping technology in balance aren't specific to the United States, according to Northern Ireland business Web site Business First Online:

While technology ownership in Ireland has seen swift growth, with 60% of NI (Northen Ireland) and 51% of RoI (Republic of Ireland) consumers owning smartphone and a further 18% of Irish technology loving consumers saying they plan to buy one by the end of 2012, it seems today’s technology is not without its pitfalls.

Indeed it seems technology may be taking its toll on the physical health of the nation as today over one in ten (12% RoI and 11% of NI) of Irish consumers claim that technology and the internet has negatively affected their sleeping habits.

Indeed, new research from Mintel’s Irish Lifestyles report, examining the impact of technology on Irish consumer habits finds that some consumers may in fact be over-reliant on being online, with some 18% of consumers feeling a sense of anxiousness when they are ‘cut off’ from technology and the internet.

According to Brian O’Connor, Research Manager, Mintel Ireland:

“Consumers are getting less sleep because they don’t want to switch off from technology. Between on-demand TV, addictive video games and the constant bombardment of information from the internet, consumers are finding it harder to pull away from technology and get a full nights rest. In the end, the more consumers use technology, the more anxious they are likely to be when ‘cut-off’.”