Publishers' Weekly, one of the major publishing industry magazines, has a review of The Distraction Addiction in its latest issue. The highlight (for me anyway):

Pang’s methods will be familiar to readers of other time-management
manifestos, but he successfully renders them concrete, practical, and
contemporary. His history of technology is also fascinating, drawing
from sources far removed from the digital sphere. Pang’s tome is a
valuable resource for anyone seeking to take control of his or her
digital life, and it’s a great primer on the interplay between mind and

This is A Thing. It's the first review by someone who isn't a friend of mine (so far as I know– it's anonymous), and PW is read by people who decide whether to stock a book in bookstores, order if for their library, and so on.

Of course I have faith in the book; when I finished it I realized that if I never wrote anything else I would regard this book as an honorable legacy. But still it's very nice to see the review.