Because I can't cover the whole world, I just found out about Offtime, a project out of Berlin to develop an app to manage calls, texts, etc. while you go offline. The crowdfunding campaign describes what it does:

With ( OFFTIME ) you are the one to decide what is important right now: Keep out all apps, phone calls and text messages that distract you and go back to concentrating on your work, a chat with a friend or simply a moment of peace and quiet. ( OFFTIME ) will look after everything else. That way you can be more efficient or recharge the batteries properly.

Or you can just look at the video.

In principle, this seems like exactly the kind of app lots of people need. Of course, it's the sort of thing that'll only work if people recognize the need for it. Indeed, Offtime cofounder Alexander Steinhart argued at TEDxEutropolis 2013 that

A key thing from my perspective is that we have to have a broader public awareness about this issues. Because only when we have reached this awareness and recognition, we will not only be able to individually make more informed decisions, but also develop and use a new form of technology: technology that doesn’t exploit us, but that does support us.

This dovetails nicely with my discoveries about Zenware and why it works: not just because of the functional properties of Freedom or Leechblock, but because of the attitude that users bring to the programs. Zenware works, in part, because users want it to work. But it only works on those who recognize a problem, and a desire to change.