Swiss International Air Lines, the Swiss airline that is the successor to Swissair, has started the Art of Attentiveness campaign, which aims to use art (the art of attentiveness— get it?) to remind people of the importance of attention. It’s a traveling light installation featuring pictures of the eyes of SWISS flight crews. The project’s Web page explains,

In our fast-moving, ever more digital world, interpersonal attentiveness is increasingly falling by the wayside. That bothers us here at SWISS. Because as far as we are concerned, attentiveness towards our passengers and fellow humans is possibly the most important thing there is. Our crews want every SWISS passenger to have the most enjoyable experience possible when they travel. So we have decided that this winter, we will publicly create a symbol of greater attentiveness between individuals. Together with the artist Gerry Hofstetter, we are planning spectacular light installations in various European capitals.

Here’s what it looked like beamed onto the Royal Observatory at Greenwich in November 2014:

This is Hamburg, Germany:

And the obligatory video:

It’ll visit other cities in 2015.

One of the things you can do if you fly on SWISS is add pictures of your own eyes (you can also upload your own) but it sounds like the implementation was a bit clunky.

A friend of mine who lives in Europe reported seeing a lengthy advertisement on a SWISS flight, on the seat-mounted entertainment system, and encouraging him to upload what they call an “eye-selfie.” Or, as he put it, an unavoidable advertisement was encouraging him to be more attentive to other people by interacting with a Web site.

Okay, so that part of the project could have used a little more thinking through, perhaps….