In the Guardian, Viv Groskop confesses that “I’m a bit of a wexter:”

We all have bad habits, and now there’s an appropriately nasty word for mine: wexting (using your phone as you walk). I’ve got it down to a fine art: walk, scroll, glance up, stop, tap, walk. A lot of the time, rather like a teenage boy, I have been wexting without realising I’m doing it. I don’t think this awful expression is going to catch on, by the way, so I’m just making the most of it while it’s new.

Habitual wexting is not going to send me blind. But I do think it is making me behave antisocially. The tipping point? This week I noticed a photograph of women priests celebrating the first female bishop, holding their phone screens aloft, like fans at a One Direction concert, as they paraded outside York Minster. They were at the consecration of the new suffragan bishop and they were merrily wexting away.

Here’s the scene:

Which, perhaps inevitably, reminds me of this: