Very interesting to see this:

It’s a series at The Story Houston, a new church in Houston. a sermon by Eric Huffman on “Distraction Addiction, Jesus, and You.” Here’s a sermon from this past weekend:

The Story Houston – March 15, 2015 from The Story Houston on Vimeo

It starts with a long story about the pastor’s own distraction; it gets more serious around minute 10.

i’ve written a certain amount about technology, distraction and religion, the challenges modern churches face in accommodating people with shorter attention spans, and the ways in which religious practice and contemplatives have done battle with distraction for millennia. Still, it’s very interesting to see the term worked into a sermon. I just hope a few parishioners Googled “distraction addiction” after the sermon and found the book!

And who knew that “church” is now a top level domain? Learn something new every day.