90-Day Trials

Companies that move to a 4-day workweek generally first turn a trial to figure out how to make a 4-day week work. Drawing on research and interviews in SHORTER, as well as his experience working with other organizations, Alex can help you design, implement, and evaluate a trial.

The 90-day trial begins with a keynote and introductory workshop, as described above. In continues with:

  • “Office hours” for companies via email, Skype, or other channel. During these office hours, employees can ask questions, get advice, and hear how other companies have dealt with challenges.
  • Regular (weekly or biweekly) check-ins with leadership team members to discuss challenges, wins and losses, and next steps.
  • A deeper dive into your company’s current working habits and culture, and tools for measuring change over the course of the trial, such as NPS.
  • Concluding workshop to consolidate learning, celebrate the achievement, and lay the groundwork for permanent adoption of a shorter workweek.

Contact Alex at alex@strategy.rest for more information.

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