No, it’s not a smartphone made of noodles (though that would be awesome); it’s a Danish project for reducing smartphone distraction in the classroom.

It’s super-simple: students come in, put their phones in the holder, then pick them up again when they leave.

Of course, it requires both a high degree of trust that your fellow students won’t accidentally or intentionally walk off with your phone, and lots of customized cases to prevent taking someone else’s phone when you rush to your next class.

According to Google Translate, the phone holder was developed by Alexander Beach, a teacher at the Himmelev Gymnasium in Roskilde. Since its introduction in 2013, “Students find it easier to concentrate, have better contact with the teacher and experience a better social and professional community when the phone is not physically available.”

Obviously this is pretty simple, and you could create versions that were more secure— little translucent lockers, for example, would keep them under lock and key and also provide some noise reduction. But however you do it, a school-wide ritual of setting phones in this visible, public place seems like a great idea.

2 thoughts on “Telefonrammen

  1. Alexander Strand says:

    In Denmark there is no chance that your class mates will steal your phone. At least we haven’t seen an incident yet. But of course the school is liable if it should happen.
    Thanks for your attention to my product!

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