Reviews of Rest while I was away

I’ve been out for the last several days with a bad cold– the kind where you have just enough energy to move from the bed to the couch, where you then go back to sleep– and so I missed noting a couple recent notices about the book.

In Australia, where the book will be published on February 2 (by Penguin, as part of its new Penguin Life series), the Sydney Morning Herald had a review of the book. The Financial Review ran an excerpt from the chapter on morning routines (that chapter is one of my favorites, but don’t tell the other chapters or they’ll get jealous).

Canadian librarian Shay Shortt, who reviews books on her blog Required Reading, says of Rest, “I see in this book the outlines of the best parts of my daily routine, largely discovered through trial and error.” This is a response I’ve heard from lots of people (including a number of people who I really admire): that they already do things I talk about in the book (which is no surprise!), but now better understand why those practices work for them (which is really gratifying).

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